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1. Why Choose Blossom Health?

Blossom Health provides you high quality psychotherapy and medication management from the comfort of your own couch! Because we meet wherever you are, you can seamlessly transition back into your busy work or school schedule without missing a beat. Our practice is intentionally small so that we can provide thoughtful and attentive care to each of our patients.

2. Are all appointments virtual?

Yes, all sessions are conducted virtually. There is no travel time during your busy day and you have the ultimate privacy being in your own space.

3. What states are you licensed in?

Dana Siperstein MD: CA, CT, DC, FL, MA, NC, NY, PA, RI & VA 

4. Will my insurance cover my visit?

Blossom Health is not in network with any insurance carriers. Appointments are paid by credit or debit card, and you will be provided a superbill to submit to your insurance for reimbursement (if eligible). To help make filing for reimbursement easier, we have paid for a subscription for our patients to use the Reimbursify app (, which makes filing for reimbursement fast and easy. Two helpful articles on out of network treatment include the benefits and tips on reimbursement. 

5. What will the fees be for my appointments?

Our initial phone call consultation will be complimentary (click here to schedule).

Dana Siperstein MD's fees:

  • Evaluation (90-minutes): $600

  • Follow Up (30/50-minutes): $325/425

6. Who do we treat?

Blossom Health was designed specifically as a practice for young adults, and we work with college/graduate students and young professionals. Our patients are engaged in treatment, insightful, and motivated to make changes in their lives to achieve their goals. Our areas of expertise include treating anxiety disorders and working with neurodiverse young adults.

7. Who don't we treat?

Blossom Health does not treat patients who self-harm, have had suicide attempts, have active disordered eating, struggle with substance abuse, or have had recent inpatient psychiatric hospitalizations. We believe these patients are best treated within practices that can offer in-person appointments and can provide 24/7 coverage.

8. How often will we meet?

We strongly believe that treatment should be flexible and collaborative, so we will come up with a plan together. On average, patients are seen monthly for medication management and seen weekly or biweekly when in psychotherapy.

9. What technology do I need?

The most important thing you will need is a quiet space with high speed internet! Our appointments will be conducted through the HIPAA compliant Zoom platform so you will need a device with a camera and you may need to download a Zoom app for your device.

10. What can I expect for my first appointment?

After scheduling an evaluation you will receive a link to our patient portal, which is the main way we communicate. There you will find paperwork to complete prior to our appointment. At our designated appointment time you will click on the Zoom link you have received and we will get started! Our goal for the first appointment is to get to know one another and to come up with a treatment plan that makes the most sense for you.

11. Now that I'm interested, what's the first step?

Glad to hear! The first step is scheduling a complimentary 10-minute phone call through our Zencare profile (click HERE) for us to briefly review what you are looking for in treatment and to see if we might be the right fit for you. If we both agree that it makes sense to move forward we will schedule an evaluation.

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