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Therapy Office


General Evaluation (75-90 Minutes)

We will take a comprehensive approach to understand who you are, what symptoms you are experiencing, and how these impact what you want to be doing in life. By the end of our evaluation we will create a plan and discuss the steps to take to put it in motion. Our plan may include medication management, psychotherapy, neuropsychological testing, blood work, or other referrals. Following our evaluation, and only with your permission, we will speak with the important people in your life and review prior records and testing.

Follow Up Sessions

Follow Up (30 Minutes)

We will use these sessions to discuss your response to medication (if applicable) and for brief psychotherapy.

Follow Up (45 Minutes)

We will use these expanded sessions for more intensive psychotherapy. 

We are flexible in our approach to treatment, with the understanding that patients' needs may change with time. 

Image by Gabriel Beaudry
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